Joan Opyr is a writer, an expatriate Southerner, a psychiatric nurse, and the author of the award-winning Idaho CodeFrom Hell to Breakfast, and Shaken and Stirred. Her hobbies include shade tree mechanics, impromptu travel, spending too much on the American Express card, and raising big, hairy, ill-behaved dogs. She has been out since 1892, give or take a century, and sincerely believes that she was the inspiration for Gina Gershon’s character in Bound. Who else?

Joan Opyr looks exactly like this.







2 responses to “About

  1. Hey cousin.
    Your picture looks so familiar – though I couldn’t have seen you in more than how many years.
    I am Mickey Jo, daughter of Minnie, sister of Mable, mother of your mother.
    Still in North Carolina, snowed in on inauguration day in Wilmington.

    • Hey Mickey Jo,

      No need to trace through the family genealogy; I remember you. I remember Minnie, Uncle Ralph, Ralph, Jr. Hell, I remember Banner. What I can’t remember is if Banner bit me or Banner bit you, but I do know that one of us bit him back. How have you been? And what are you up to these days? I was in Raleigh this past December. It was a flying trip, only five days, but I went out with Colleen to visit some old (very old) family graves. Did you know we had an ancestor named Littleberry Johnson? A circuit preacher. He sired Black and Blue Johnson — and, no, I am not making this up. What a crazy-ass family — but interesting.

      Drop me a line and let me know how you do or, better yet, give me a call. I don’t know how to pick up your email from this blog thing, but here’s mine: opyrorama@gmail.com. Once we’re in touch that way, I can send you my number.

      BTW, I hear Tanya lives in Portland now. That’s only six hours from here, no kind of drive at all by Western standards. I may go bother the hell out of her one of these days. Might be fun.

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